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Telephone Web Site New reading program with step-by-step instructions on how to teach reading. reading lessons.

Hooked on Phonics
Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read helps your younger child grasp essential reading skills! Click here.


Zoo Books
A great series for kids. Get a FREE Zoobooks issue and Tiger Poster with a 1-year trial subscription to

Designed as a game your kids can't wait to play!
ClickN' READ Phonics.
Real reading results.

Frontline Phonics
A complete beginning reading program for parents to teach their child to read at home.
Frontline Phonics

Reading A to Z 866-889-3729 Reading A to Z
The Reading A to Z program includes direct and explicit instructional strategies for teaching phonemic awareness and phonics. All the materials are only available as downloads from the Web site.
Sounds and their corresponding symbols are taught in a series of lesson plans using various strategies and aided by flashcards and worksheets. Students are given an opportunity to practice what they have been taught in a series of decodable books that are aligned to lessons. The program includes Worksheets, Flashcards, Decodable Books, Read-Aloud Books, and Sound/Symbol Books.
There are samples on the Web site. Reading A-Z is a subscription site with prices starting at $49.95 a year. This is great value as there are hundreds of leveled readers and other resources besides the phonics program.

ClickN' READ Phonics 1-866-876-0419 120x60_a

Designed as a game your kids can't wait to play!
ClickN' READ Phonics
Real reading results

Guaranteed Your Child Will read or Your money Back!

ClickN KIDS Beginning Reading & Spelling Programs

Hooked on Phonics 1-800-532-3607 Hooked on Phonics
Hooked on Phonics is not the same program that used to be advertised so much on radio and late night TV. It is a completely new program and is VERY good. As proven by recent awards: Curriculum Administrator Districts' Choice winner and National Parenting Center Seal of Approval recipient!

Action Reading by Jeanie Eller 800-378-1046 Action Reading
Action Reading teaches the forty-four (44) sounds and the seventy (70) phonograms of the English language in a logical sequence that builds the child's self-confidence. Every student masters each step and builds on that knowledge to understand the next steps of our alphabetic system of reading, writing and spelling.

Ball-Stick-Bird Reading by Renee Fuller, Ph.D. 413-664-0002 Ball-Stick-Bird Publications
The Ball-Stick-Bird books are 100-150 pages, 8.5 x 11". Printed on thick shiny paper and in color. The system consists of ten books of different but related stories that take the student from zero to adult reading. Instead of senseless drills, the repeated phonic lessons are immediately utilized in goofy science fiction adventures.

Chall-Popp Phonics (grades K-3) 800-233-0759
Continental Press
Chall-Popp Phonics is research-based and is a direct, systematic phonics instruction program that was developed by reading experts Dr. Jeanne S. Chall and Dr. Helen M. Popp. In addition to a unit structure that simplifies management, it includes photographs, lively illustrations, poetry, take-home stories, and nonfiction reading. The exceptional Teacher's Editions feature strategies for phonemic awareness, practical intervention plans for every student, suggestions for related reading, and charts and games right where you need them.

"At Last, a Reading Method for Every Child" by Mary Pecci
970-493-3793 Online Reading Teacher
A book rather than a program. Seems to be targeted at homeschoolers. Every word is decoded with intensive phonics — while the powerful, meaning-based context of the literature-based readers assists decoding and captivates interest.

Reading Horizons (grades 4-Adult)
Few phonics programs are appropriate for teaching older students, but "Reading Horizons," based on the Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself approach, has proven an invaluable tool for youth and adults. It can be taught through direct classroom instruction, tutoring, or independent use of interactive computer courseware developed especially for low-level and non-reading adults.
HEC Reading Horizons

Explode the Code by Nancy M. Hall, Rena Price
Educators Publishing Service
Explode The Code provides a sequential, systematic approach to phonics in which students blend sounds to build vocabulary and read words, phrases, sentences, and stories. Frequent review of previously learned concepts helps increase retention. Each workbook in this series contains exercises that incorporate reading, writing, matching and copying.

Primary Phonics by Barbara W. Makar
Primary Phonics is a systematic, phonics-based early reading program. This series builds essential literacy skills including phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, and comprehension. Primary Phonics is comprised of 5 sets of storybooks, coordinating workbooks, reference books, teacher’s manuals, and an audio story CD for students in grades K–2. The extension More Primary Phonics allows for additional practice with to more sets of storybooks and workbook exercises.
Educators Publishing Service

Jolly Phonics 800-488-2665 Jolly Learning
Jolly Phonics is a thorough foundation for reading and writing. It teaches the letter sounds in an enjoyable, multisensory way, and enables children to use them to read and write words.

Language Tune-Up Kit For Schools 888-431-6310 JWor Enterprises
The Language Tune-Up Kit is a research-based remedial reading multimedia phonics software program for children 6 and older, teenagers and adults and is designed for students whose current reading skill level approximates preschool to 4th grade.
The basis for instructional delivery within the program is the Orton-Gillingham approach that has been highly successful for those with learning disabilities.
This intensive, systemic, sequential phonics method of teaching language is highly effective for those who have not been able to acquire basic skills through other more traditional methods.

Lindamood Phonemic Sequencing Program (LiPS) 800-233-1819 Lindamood-Bell
The Lindamood Phonemic Sequencing Program successfully stimulates phonemic awareness. Individuals become aware of the mouth actions which produce speech sounds.? This awareness becomes the means of verifying sounds within words and enables individuals to become self-correcting in reading and spelling, and speech.?
It is common for individuals to gain several grade levels in decoding ability in four weeks to six weeks of intensive instruction, or to make further gains in speech-language after hitting a plateau under traditional speech therapy.

Merrill Phonics Skilltext (grades 1-3)
More to come.
888-772-4543 SRA/McGraw-Hill

Open Court Phonics Kits (grades K-3)
More to come.
888-772-4543 SRA/McGraw-Hill

Pathways 1-20 (grades 4-7)
More to come.
559-292-9012 Opening Pathways to Reading

Lexia Phonics-Based Reading (ages 5-8)
More to come.
800-435-3942 Lexia Learning Systems

Phonics First)
More to come.
800-732-3211 Reading and Language Arts Centers

Phonics for English Reading, Spelling, & Writing (grades K-Adult))
More to come.
406-446-4444 YesPhonics

Phonics Pathways (grades 4-Adult)
More to come.
800-852-4890 Phonics Pathways

The Reading Lesson (ages 3-7)
More to come.
925-830-8655 Reading Lesson

SRA Phonics (grades K-3)
More to come.
888-772-4543 SRA/McGraw-Hill

Saxon Phonics and Spelling (grades K-3)
More to come.)
Saxon Phonics Intervention (grades 4-Adult)
More to come.
800-284-7019 Saxon Publishers

Sing, Spell, Read, & Write (grades K-3)
More to come.
Winning (grades 4-8)
More to come.
800-321-3106 Sing, Spell, Read & Write

Spalding/The Writing Road to Reading? (grades K-5))
More to come.
602-866-7801 Spalding Education International

Total Reading (grades K-6)
More to come.
800-358-7323 Total Reading

We All Can Read (grades K-adult)
More to come.
404-310-2839 We All Can Read

Wilson Reading System)
More to come.
508-865-5699 Wilson Language Training

Zoo Phonics (grades K-3)
More to come.
800-622-8104 Zoo Phonics

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