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We search the Internet and the media to find useful information about teaching children to read. Out of all the material available, we select the best, so that you don't have to waste your valuable time searching yourself.
>> Basal Reading Programs are comprehensive core reading programs. They are produced by the major U.S. educational publishers. More...
>> Systematic Phonics Programs are an essential part of an early reading program. We will be reviewing the best programs in the next few weeks. More...

>> Guided Reading Programs are challenging the traditional basal programs. The basals are now including leveled readers within their programs. More...

>> Children's Books Recommendations for different grade levels. More...

>> Talking Books Broadband Internet connections have allowed publishers to provide unique learning materials. Talking books are valuable supplementary resources, especially for struggling readers and English language learners. More...

>> New Reading Program uses animated interactive stories to teach beginning reading using synthetic phonics.

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