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>> Basal Reading Programs are comprehensive core reading programs. They are produced by the major U.S. educational publishers

>> They currently are scientifically-based reading programs. Reading First legislation demands that reading programs in Kindergarten through grade 3 are based on scientifically-based reading research

>> Core elements of scientifically-based reading programs include:
Phonemic awareness instruction
Systematic explicit phonics instruction
Fluency instruction
Vocabulary instruction
Text comprehension instruction

>> Basal reading programs have many different components and are very expensive. They are sold directly to school districts

>> Widely criticized because the literature is highly edited and watered down to satisfy state adoption textbook selection committees, who are pressured by advocacy groups from both the left and right. See The Language Police by Diane Ravitch and new link to come

>> States of California and Texas have a big say in what goes into reading programs. Other states tend to follow their lead.

>> Adoption of reading and literature programs took place in the major two states of Texas (2007) and California (2008).

>> Major basal reading and literature programs
Houghton Mifflin Reading © 2008
Treasures Reading (Macmillan, 2005)
Scott Foresman Reading Street (Pearson, 2008)
Trophies (Harcourt, 2005)
Reading Mastery (SRA / McGraw, 2009)

Middle/High School
Pearson Language Central
Glencoe Literature
Holt Literature and Language Arts

See info>> major U.S. educational publishers

>> Many teachers are becoming dissatisfied with basal programs and are turning to supplemental and guided reading programs, where they have greater freedom to custom programs to suit their students and their teaching philosophies.

info>> Reading Programs

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